Vintage 1970s Fender Stratocaster pickguards

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Today’s post will focus on Vintage Fender Stratocaster pickguards form the 1970s CBS era. The  early 1970s ushered in some structural and cosmetic changes for the Stratocaster model. The 4 bolt neck attachment was switched over to the infamous 3 bolt with micro-tilt adjustment, this by the way was one of Leo Fender’s last contributions to the company he had sold in the mid 60s. The Pick-ups were switched from staggered pole-piece models to flush pole-piece ( Another controversial change) As well as the tremolo  being now made of a single die-cast unit with new chromed saddles. One other major change was the plastic, in other words the pick-guard, vol/tone, switch knobs and pickup covers. Originally white since the 1950s,

1973 Fender Stratocaster

1973 Fender Stratocaster

Fender decided to go with the “New Look” Black plastic (BWB) triple layer pick-guard at the end of 1974/Beginning 1975. The Vol/Tone knobs, switch tip and pick-up covers were also scheduled for the same change but they made their appearance a bit later as Fender was exhausting it’s stock of white accessories. As a result you can spot many Stratocasters from that era with black pick-guards and white knobs and pick-up covers  (aka Tuxedo model ) Note: The beveling of the pick-up mounting holes as well as the pick-up switch mounting holes were changed and were now flush, the mounting screw models were changed to accommodate this alteration. The 11 pick-guard mounting screws and mounting holes however remained beveled.

Fender Stratocaster-1976-Tuxedo

Fender Stratocaster-1976-Tuxedo

Other than the obvious color change and minor changes in the mounting holes, the new BWB pick-guard was virtually the same as the previous  WBW model, same 11 mounting screw placement and dimensions , same plastic material, same aluminum shielding sheet with square bottom cut-out.  In mid 1976 the serial numbers switched from the neck-plate to the headstock and we began seeing new Fender serial# stickers on the under side of the pick-guards and neck joints. Many of these stickers dryed up and fell off during repairs, or clean-up so all you may see is a felt pen inspection mark and many times on early models nothing at all depending on who was cutting and inspecting the pick-guards on a given day at the Fender plant

1977 Fender Stratocaster onlineguitargenie.com

1977 Fender Stratocaster onlineguitargenie.com

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194/75/76 Fender Stratocaster pickguard onlineguitargenie.com

1974/75/76 Fender Stratocaster pickguard onlineguitargenie.com

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