Guitar strings- General information you need to know!

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Welcome back guys and gals, in today’s post we will be looking at some useful basic info about guitar strings
Guitar Strings: General information
There’s nothing better than the rich, bright sound that comes from new guitar strings. You will always obtain top-notch performance with a  selection of guitar strings for your acoustic and electric guitar from top brands like Fender, D’addario,Martin, GHS, Ernie Ball, etc, so make sure you always buy a quality brand set.

Acoustic guitars use bronze and brassStrings OGG-wound strings, classical guitars use nylon strings, and electric guitars use nickel-plated strings. Stainless steel strings are made from magnetic stainless steel for a brighter sound, while pure nickel strings have a very mellow, warm sound.

Winding type
Round-wound is most common winding style, made of a round, steel core with wire wrapped around it. Ideal for bass and jazz guitars, flat-wound strings produce a more mellow sound, cause less wear on your frets and are more comfortable to use.

Referring to the guitar string’s diameter or thickness, the gauge is indicated by a decimal number such as .008, .009 and so on. Thicker or heavier gauges sound fuller and louder but are more difficult to play, because you must press harder to produce a note. Lighter gauge strings are good for beginners and fast-playing “shredders” because they don’t require as much pressure.fender strings-2

Replacing your strings
How often you replace your guitar strings depends on their quality and your personal playing style. The oils on your hands can affect your strings, so you should wash your hands before you play. A professional musician will change his or her strings every day, while a casual player will do so every 3-4 months.

That’s all for now my friends see you next time for another magic carpet ride around the amazing world of the guitar.



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