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Case candy

Welcome back Guys and Gals to the Online guitar Genie blog for part 3 of how to build a “Case candy” kit for your guitar. In my last post we added a few more items to the kit and it is nearly complete. The next item I wanted to add to the kit and as I said it is a few items in one, let me explain. On a Fender Stratocaster equipped with a Tremolo, the system counterbalance is governed by a set of springs. The system that Leo Fender designed in the 1950s can accommodate 5 springs for full tension , you can remove 1-2 or even 3 springs if you choose to “Float” the bridge slightly off the body to create interesting effects and proper return to pitch. Most  players I have seen  set up their systems “Floating” so the use of 5 springs is not needed ( I will have a post about proper trem adjustment soon!) So as a result we have extra springs! In my case (No pun intended) I opted for a 3 spring set up and that left me with 2 extra tremolo springs. in the 1960s and 70s Fender would include a small manila envelope to store the extra springs along with set up instructions printed upon it.

Fender Tremolo springs

Fender Tremolo springs

This is a perfect item to add to the kit. You can easily find one on ebay or from a vintage dealer for about 20$ usd without the springs and a bit more $$$ if the original vintage Fender springs are included. More recently I have seen these manila envelopes included with Fender custom shop, masterbuilt guitars. I my case I was fortunate to find one in one of my parts drawers so if you own a Fender Stratocaster have owned a Stratocaster in the past you just might have one hanging around somewhere, “Seek and you shall find” a wise man one said!

So now our kit is complete!! it looks great, it has the WOW factor and the cost was quite reasonable. I have just made my vintage Fender guitar a little more interesting to show to my buddies and more attractive to possible future buyers and added some intrinsic value at the same time.



Of course our “Case candy “ kit can be upgraded at any time, you just have to keep your eyes open for new items that are era correct for the instrument in question. In the case of this 1975 Fender Stratocaster, I would keep my eyes open for an actual 1970s Fender strap, an original owners manual and possibly some hang-tags or inspection tags or warranty items. La creme de la creme so to speak would be to find an original bill of sale and that my friends is a wish even the Online Guitar Genie would have a tough time granting! Remember that with newer instrument it is important to hold on to all the paper work and accessories that were included with your instrument. Store them away in a plastic zip-lock bag for safe keeping. Stay tuned for for my next post where I will be talking about tuning and providing you with a great online guitar tuner.

That’s all for now my friends see you next time for  another magic carpet ride around the amazing world of the guitar.

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